Links, & Things I Love Thursday

This. Amy Poehler makes the world a better place.

A fabulous recipe from vegan mastermind Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Oooh. Watch yo’ mouth, Alec Baldwin. I love 30 Rock, I hope it sticks around a while!

Laugh of the Day

And non-link things I love? How about:

Home made bread Spring shopping trips Book club Oh, and the book we read (so good!) My fantastic new striped sundress My fantastic agent Fantastic auditions This chai! I’m drinking it by the gallon This will be perfect for iced chai in the summer As long as I’m on The Kitchn, OH MY GOD PEANUTBUTTER. I love me some bread, but peanutbutter is the staff of life. I could veganize any and all of those recipes! Fantasticness. Celebrating a friend’s birthday

And that’s Thursday!


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Links I Like, Things I Love (Thursday!)

Wow, where to begin?

A rather nice blog post from Wayne Dyer

Some sage advice from actor’s guru Bonnie Gillespie

Great post from Alexandra Franzen and contributors. Not even going to try and describe it–I just recommend that you click through!

This is why recycled fashion is high fashion. And while we’re at it, go support your local Beacon’s Closet!

This could be great. Anyway, I hope I love it!

Now, let’s see. There must be some non-link things I love, too. How about:

Making dinner with a dear friend Eating that dinner Friday nights in sweatpants with a great novel Saturday nights in heels with great friends Fabulous voice lessons, made better by the privilege of studying with a master teacher Working with the same actors again and again, and enjoying the improved chemistry and ensemble work Working with new actors and enjoying the unpredictability of it Cuddling with my cat. Ideally, while in sweatpants, and while in the midst of a great novel

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Arcadia on Broadway

Before I saw Arcadia, I wasn’t very familiar with Stoppard’s work. I had studied him in school, sure, and I’d seen Rough Crossing at least twice as well. But I wasn’t familiar with the wide scope of his work, and I didn’t know what to expect when I saw Arcadia.

And that’s what made it such a treat. SUCH a treat. It’s a funny, profound, sophisticated play, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously either. It covers a broad range of topics: landscape, science, calculus, sex, popular poetry, and it gracefully and unpretentiously moves between modern times and the 1810s.

As you might imagine, pulling off a funny, intellectual play that spans and incorporates two different time periods is no small task. Fortunately, the Broadway cast and director, David Leveaux, are well up to it. I was particularly impressed with Bel Powley–for a 19 year-old actress to keep up with Broadway greats like Raul Esparza and Billy Crudup is no small achievement, and she was at no point outshone.

I could go on and on, but I’d hate to spoil anything, because this is one you should just go see. Really.

Are you still reading this? Shouldn’t you be ordering your tickets about now? See it!

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Spring shopping on my mind. . .

Vegan Bags

I want bags.

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Links I Like, Things I Love

Some photographs:

Postcards from Google Earth

World landmarks in bubbles

Here’s what some of the universe looks like. I wonder what the rest of it looks like?

Other things I like:

Excellent theatre

Puppetry! The puppetry in War Horse at Lincoln Center theatre looks positively breathtaking. I really hope I get to see this sometime soon.

Hot chocolate

This sort of evening with my friends:


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Good People at Manhattan Theatre Club

In a word: fantastic!

Sort of a cousin to ‘God of Carnage,’ Good People is a dialogue-driven, mostly domestic show that explores what people are willing to do when pressed. It’s consummate David Lindsay-Abaire in that it’s plenty dark, but never without humanity.

And it’s so well done. When I mentioned it to a friend, he said, ‘Do I even need to ask if Frances McDormand was fantastic? And no! There’s no need to ask, but no one in the cast was upstaged by her awesomenity. A fantastic play, a fantastic cast, a fantastic director, and a hell of a team of designers, too–get to this one. Seriously.

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Love love love

this music video. Do watch:

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