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Things I Love Thursday – Pretty Things!

A neato (albeit older) travel article from Chris Guillebeau. I really enjoyed his book, The Art of Nonconformity: full of wise points and excellent travel stories.

For what it’s worth, I loved Clybourne Park.

Via The Communicatrix, this photo project is so cool!

I want this lipstick. Such a pretty pinky nude!

While I’m on the subject of beauty products I want, Lust by Gorilla Perfume makes me swoon. I’m really interested in trying Vanillary, too. That said, nothing will ever replace Kiehl’s vegan musk oil for me.

Last one in the ‘pretty’ category: Essie’s ‘Lapis of Luxury’ is my new favorite. Worn it for a week so far. I normally don’t do bright nail polish, but it miraculously matches all my clothes! In fact, I love it so much it deserves a picture:

Moving on! If you need a dose of cute. . .

And things I love off the internet?

Working with kids. Quote of the week: ‘They had legos way back when you were little?’ Rediscovering old clothes. Love it when old is new again!  A long, lovely, languid shopping day with some dear friends Waking up early enough to do yoga Sleeping in late Chai. Still. Espresso. Black. Having the time to cook for myself Having the money to go out to eat Craft projects Spring!


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Links I Like, Things I Love

Some photographs:

Postcards from Google Earth

World landmarks in bubbles

Here’s what some of the universe looks like. I wonder what the rest of it looks like?

Other things I like:

Excellent theatre

Puppetry! The puppetry in War Horse at Lincoln Center theatre looks positively breathtaking. I really hope I get to see this sometime soon.

Hot chocolate

This sort of evening with my friends:


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