Things I Love Thursday, (mostly) Theatre Edition

I love Richard III and I love the bridge project, so this is quite exciting!

Finally got to visit Brooklyn Charm after having walked by it on the way to the train for months–very nice! Nice shop, nice concept. When I wasn’t at theatre camp during summers as a child, I was usually in a jewelry-making class. Strange but true! I’m sure I’ll pay many visits to Brooklyn Charm.

Self-taped auditions. This is a controversial one, I know. They are a lot of work, and it puts the impetus on the actor to have a camera, lights, etc. But, as they’ve become more and more common, I find I’m getting more and more opportunities. And I can’t turn my nose up at something that gets me seen! So today, I love self-taping.

Such excellent news! I haven’t seen War Horse, but it looks amazing, and I love me some puppetry. Don’t judge. And now I’ve got a little longer in which to try and see it!

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  1. I am glad you’re getting work through self-taped auditions! They are so controversial…I know actors who swear by them and actors who loathe them. What’s interesting is that most directors land smack dab in the middle. We just want to see you!

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