Links, & Things I Love Thursday

This. Amy Poehler makes the world a better place.

A fabulous recipe from vegan mastermind Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Oooh. Watch yo’ mouth, Alec Baldwin. I love 30 Rock, I hope it sticks around a while!

Laugh of the Day

And non-link things I love? How about:

Home made bread Spring shopping trips Book club Oh, and the book we read (so good!) My fantastic new striped sundress My fantastic agent Fantastic auditions This chai! I’m drinking it by the gallon This will be perfect for iced chai in the summer As long as I’m on The Kitchn, OH MY GOD PEANUTBUTTER. I love me some bread, but peanutbutter is the staff of life. I could veganize any and all of those recipes! Fantasticness. Celebrating a friend’s birthday

And that’s Thursday!


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