Links I Like, Things I Love (Thursday!)

Wow, where to begin?

A rather nice blog post from Wayne Dyer

Some sage advice from actor’s guru Bonnie Gillespie

Great post from Alexandra Franzen and contributors. Not even going to try and describe it–I just recommend that you click through!

This is why recycled fashion is high fashion. And while we’re at it, go support your local Beacon’s Closet!

This could be great. Anyway, I hope I love it!

Now, let’s see. There must be some non-link things I love, too. How about:

Making dinner with a dear friend Eating that dinner Friday nights in sweatpants with a great novel Saturday nights in heels with great friends Fabulous voice lessons, made better by the privilege of studying with a master teacher Working with the same actors again and again, and enjoying the improved chemistry and ensemble work Working with new actors and enjoying the unpredictability of it Cuddling with my cat. Ideally, while in sweatpants, and while in the midst of a great novel


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One response to “Links I Like, Things I Love (Thursday!)

  1. I am a huge fan of any nights spent in sweatpants with a novel…but I also love my time spent dancing poorly in high heels. Great posts!

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